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767 Talbot St in St. Thomas, ON

MON-FRI: 8am - 4pm
SAT-SUN: 8am - 3pm

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Iced Drinks

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Jack-o-Latte (hot)

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Coffee is about hospitality. It's about community.

Coffee is about so much more than terroir or cultivating practices, good roasting, and exact preparation, things that from the start have been second nature for Maria.

Coffee is about hospitality, it’s about community, and in challenging times, it’s about how “ the coffee shop” can step up and be a force for positive change.

Streamliners Espresso Bar is located in St. Thomas, Ontario, a city with a strong railway history. Its name comes from locomotives called streamliners that used to travel through the Canada Southern Railway Station (CASO station) in the 1920s and 1930s. These were aluminum clad locomotives considered the most modern during the art deco era.

Streamliners Espresso Bar’s mission is to create a unique place where coffee is celebrated. Maria's, Streamliners’ owner, long coffee history and heritage is rooted in the northwest mountains of Nicaragua, where her coffee is grown. Railway and coffee traditions intersect at Streamliners Espresso Bar. A community hub where people can enjoy the best coffee and pastries in town.

It is a true specialty coffee shop experience with music playing, quality brews and baristas who connect with customers, creating a very social, human experience. Coffee is brewed specifically for the customer and all the food and pastry offerings come from other local businesses, using local ingredients, contributing to the culinary tourism of St. Thomas.

streamliners espresso bar